Saturday, December 19, 2009

Even if u r rich&famous,do i look like i care?

Sumtimes i juz dun understand wif what hppn 2 people nowdays?bein arrogant,egois wif tons of money,le car,stdy ovrsea&so on.cmon lah,if u think u r rich&famous..bonus 4 u 2 approach me?dream not interested at not lookin on material. If u think u got tons of money dat cud makes gurls come 2 u,my advice : Y not u gv 'sedekah' 2 poor people?dun waste ur money 4 nuthin,coz u get it f.o.c from ur not da 'alim' person dat expert talkin bout gud&bad,but i juz want u 2 not stay away from gettin enuff deal wif sweet talker,big talker,liar&

Monday, December 7, 2009

DRAMA KING..enuff.

tq God,finally u show me da real colour of him .keep tellin me dat u r busy wif ur up da end,i met a gurl dat in luv wif u..haha..u shud win da best actor in grammy award.4 da time dat wastin,4 da money dat nvr payback...standin ovation 4 u DRAMA KING.diz time,im juz gettin enuff wif u.gud lesson 4,movin on farah!be strong!focus on ur future!

Friday, December 4, 2009

:) my guardian angel....

walah..sudah lama x many things hppnd,prefer 2 been im back ...last nite juz like a moment 2 remember.when sum1 breaks ur heart,dun worry..God will gv u another 1 dat much2 better...eventhou i cant accept him as my special bF(but i call him as my current bF.. ;p),but he nvr let me down.always there 4 leavin 2 u.k soon...i noe its gonna be difficult 2 him...(so do i lol).but let da nature takes it part.after all,thank you my guardian angel,D!