Saturday, December 19, 2009

Even if u r rich&famous,do i look like i care?

Sumtimes i juz dun understand wif what hppn 2 people nowdays?bein arrogant,egois wif tons of money,le car,stdy ovrsea&so on.cmon lah,if u think u r rich&famous..bonus 4 u 2 approach me?dream not interested at not lookin on material. If u think u got tons of money dat cud makes gurls come 2 u,my advice : Y not u gv 'sedekah' 2 poor people?dun waste ur money 4 nuthin,coz u get it f.o.c from ur not da 'alim' person dat expert talkin bout gud&bad,but i juz want u 2 not stay away from gettin enuff deal wif sweet talker,big talker,liar&

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